Presumption of Fear

Five years after a rural pastor shot his son-in-law, a lawsuit raises questions about N.C.'s Castle Doctrine.

Digital dragnet

Raleigh Police have only used warrants seeking device locations from Google a handful of times. But in one neighborhood, they've asked twice.

Driven to vote

An analysis of early voting changes shows NC rural voters were hit hardest. But did it matter in 2018?

The day 'Durham stood up'

How rumors of a KKK rally shut down one of North Carolina's largest cities on a hot summer afternoon.

Dignity of risk

Two men with mental illness, two diverging paths after leaving assisted living in North Carolina

Records of a scandal

Search 1 million pages of records released in the academic scandal at UNC-CH

The final days of Michael Kerr

One year later, inmate's death looms over state prison mental health debate

Justice delayed in Durham

For some domestic violence victims, protection orders never come

Venus & Donor Reveal

Using code to shed light on the players in state politics

Promises, promises

Do job incentives really pay off in economic progress?

Shipwrecks, salvagers and Spanish silver

Who really owns the history buried in the Graveyard of the Atlantic?